Thursday, July 29, 2010

Zoo Review: Fort Wayne Children's Zoo

Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana
Rating: ***** (out of five)

Fort Wayne Children's Zoo (FWC) is our "Local" Zoo and the one that my family has a membership to. I would have to say, out of all the zoos that I have been to, this is my favorite. It was rated "One of the nation's Ten Best Zoos for Kids" Parents, 2009.
One of the reasons that I like FWC so much is its lay out. It is sort of laid out on a spoke pattern. There is a center portion of the zoo and then there are different areas that shoot off of it. There for, if you are on a limited amount of time, you can choose what you would like to see and go to that section. This is great rather than having to make time to go to the whole zoo beginning to end. This makes it PERFECT for the locals who would like to get a membership. It makes it easy to plan a day at the zoo around a trip to the store. You know you have 2 hours open to relax at the zoo. Why not pick your 1 or 2 favorite sections and spend an hour looking around.
Other high points! On HOT days the zoo has their misters going. They have several mister stations throughout the zoo that allow you to walk through a mist to cool yourself down. They also have a couple of fountains that are open for the kids to play in. I let Parker go to the Zoo in his swim trunks and a t-shirt. I just take an extra change of cloths to change him right before we leave. Perfect!
There is a downfall....There are several rides through out the zoo for the kids and adults alike. They only accept tokens. Tokens are $1 a piece! For example. There is a Live Pony Ride. This ride costs 4 tokens. So, if you are looking for a cheep day at the zoo, avoid the rides if possible or negotiate with your child(ren) for one. Although also keep in mind all $ spent on these rides stays within the zoo to maintain and support their efforts.
On the topic of memberships: I have noticed that this one is a little on the high side however keep in mind you get what you pay for and this is one of the best! In just two visits our family was able to have the membership paid for in relationship to what we would have had to pay at the gate. In all actuality, my family had our membership paid for before we even set foot on their grounds.
To Explain: FWC has a reciprocal membership. There are over 150 Zoos in North America that with you FWC Membership you are able to get in Free or at a reduced rate. To see a list of the member zoos go too:  On our recent family vacation we were able to get in at a reduced or free rate. Our membership also helped out in the gift shops at those zoos by giving us a % off. I highly suggest a membership to the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo or the local zoo in your area. They are typically a great deal!


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